About Us

What I bring to the table is passion. I’m very passionate about teaching people the benefits of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. But what you have to remember is that it is a lifestyle. It’s not just something that you do to reach a goal and then stop doing it. Your goal is simply the point at which the real work begins. Having a healthy diet, good nutrition and physical activity all require the same ingredient, discipline. Discipline is not something that you develop overnight. It is something that lives within each and everyone of us. I’ll help you to unlock that discipline that resides deep within you. I’m also very passionate about education. I do take courses on a regular basis to keep up to date on all the changes surrounding nutrition and physical fitness.

I recently met someone who indicated to me that they had given serious thought to becoming a personal trainer. I asked him what type of formal education he has had in doing this. He responded with, none. He did say however, that he likes to read a lot and that he understands a lot about nutrition. When you trust someone to guide you through the maze that is nutrition and physical fitness, you need to rely on someone who understands the musculature of the human body and how that relates to nutrition, anatomy and what your individual potential truly is. I can say this because I have studied it extensively over the past 10 years. This is not something I do as a hobby, it is something that is my life’s work.

Join me.